The Kids’ Registry

Hey Everyone!

Many of you have asked us if there are things that we would like and that we need.  And there are things.  We did start a registry at our favourite baby store in Hamilton called Springy’s.  We then heard a few complaints that there was no way to view the registry online or order online, and that you had to actually go to the store or call in to get something.  So we also started a registry at the Super Safety Store  You can view our registry online and purchase online and we can pick up the products when they arrive, or they can be shipped right to us!

Because we always thought that we would get one child at a time, we had been preparing for one and that has changed a lot of what we need and have.  We’ve had to furnish a whole other room, change strollers, car seats, and all that kind of thing.  It’s been a big expense but it has been so fun picking the stuff out for the kids.  We don’t need any toys, they both were sent with toys from their foster families, and we don’t really need anymore clothes… It’s all the boring practical stuff like cutlery, change pads, sheets, bibs, etc.

Makai’o has just taken all the cushions off the couch and is sitting on the base slats with his legs through making car noises.  Awesome.  I love when kids entertain themselves!

Makai’o also learned how to turn the TV on by himself, he then dragged  Amaris (in her excersaucer) over to about 10 inches in front of the TV and then said bye-bye and went to go play.  Also awesome.  How about that no TV for kids under 2 thing that we were attempting to go with… difficult when Makai’o is so independent, stubborn, and strong!


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