Today is another day…

Well today I woke up with today is another day attitude…. Feeling a little frustrated and overwhelmed by 9am I tried a little cleaning and tidying so I wouldn’t feel surrounded by stuff.  I had a few things that brightened my day.

#1 – Amaris’ amazing SMILE!  That girl’s smile just melts my heart.

#2 – MY STROLLER!  We finally got the money together to purchase our stroller.  We had already had an AMAZING stroller, the Peg Perego UNO, but with the ages of the kids the single stroller just wasn’t working.  Makai’o is still young enough that he wants to be in the stroller instead of walking everywhere as he gets tired easily and Amaris loves being in the stroller.  So we started looking at our options and we decided on Baby Jogger City Elite stroller with a toddler jump seat on the front that can be removed when Makai’o is done being in the stroller.  Makes much  more sense for us than getting a double stroller.  SO, we went to get the stroller and they are pretty much SOLD OUT in all of Canada.  The warehouse had run out of stock because the stroller has become so popular.  And so had our favorite store, Springys.  So I went in today to look at our other options because the strollers weren’t going to be arriving in Canada for another 3 weeks let alone getting into the stores and they had found one in stock.  So here are pictures of my beautiful stroller!


One thought on “Today is another day…

  1. WOW!! let me know how that one works! I’ve been looking strollers like that since I really don’t want a double stroller that’s side by side or tandem. I saw the Baby Jogger City Elite one with that attachment, but couldn’t figure out from pictures how you get the older kid in the actual seat behind the jump seat?? So ya, let me know how that is. =) I was looking at the Phil & Teds stroller, cause that one also has an attachment that goes underneath. Anyway, love you! Take it all one day at a time. I know it’s tough especially since you suddenly have 2 kids! But you can do it! You are a super mama. =)

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