Sleep – I love you!

Well, Amaris was up for the first time in the night for over a week.  And the teething begins.  And by begins, I mean continues… Not too sure which tooth is the one that is bugging her most.  The one beside her eye teeth on the top, or another one of the bottom ones coming in. She is even drinking cold water during the day and is constantly chewing on her teethers.  My guess is it isn’t easier for her since she has a cold.  Poor little thing with her constant colds. I did get up with her once during the night to give her some teething helper which helped her immediately!

Makai’o has been doing better and finally sleeping through the night.  We realized hitting isn’t an issue.  We were worried by the fact that he was constantly smacking Amaris.  We figured it out.  One is a pat/smack on the head.  That is because that is how he was taught to pet a dog, which he has grown up with thus far.  And the second is a hard hit on the back – he is just trying to burp her.  So we are having to explain that burping is for a specific reason and not just for fun.  But we are pleased he is sleeping through the night.  Makai’o still hasn’t gone back to his original sleep pattern which was about 8:30-8:30.  I was really looking forward to that.  He has still been waking up between 6-7am.

I miss sleep.  I am getting more than many moms out there.  But I like when I have to get up and the clock starts with an 8… And no number before that.

I’m having 2 of my girls from youth come hang out with the me and the kids.  It may even give me the opportunity to do some tidying.  Ah, cleaning.  I am actually looking forward to being more organized.  Yay for Jen and Philippa!

BURRITOS.  Yum.  Having burritos for dinner.


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