Victoria Day Weekend

Amaris has a cold.  A bad cold.  So we took her in to the walk-in just to get her checked out.  It is actually Bronchilitus.  So she’s on a puffer.  Poor thing.

Makai’o had his first hair cut.  Not exactly nice – cheap-o barber around the corner isn’t so good with the kids’ hair cuts.  It’s fine.  It was a great experience!

Amaris has finally officially cut her third tooth.  It is really poking through – not all the way through, but it’s almost there!  Number four is on it’s way!

We spent our Victoria Day holiday at High Park in Toronto.  Lovely picnic, tram ride, zoo visit, playground, walks.  It was great.  We also did a family photo shoot with Stark Photography for Mother’s Day for my mom.  We spent a couple hours at Bayfront park having fun while Jenn & Dave Stark took pictures of us doing our thing!  Some of those will be added later on, but for now.  My pics from the weekend events.


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