We’ve had a really rough week.  Jon was fired on Thursday and we were completely shocked.  Jon received no explanation other than ‘termination without cause’.  He was let go by The Meeting House, our church.  It is messy when that happens within your own community.  We go to the meeting house, we serve at the meeting house, and Jon worked there and now that the carpet under our feet has been ripped from underneath us we are a little confused with what is going on.  Our biggest question is what kind of organization, let alone a church, would fire and employee less than a month after they adopted 2 children.  We still can’t believe how this has all happened.  Please be praying for us as we figure out what this means, how it effects our lives, our newly adopted children, and what to do next.  We are trying not to be bitter – but it is sure difficult to go to your support system and ask for help when they are the ones that have hurt you.  We need you around us right now as we question what is happening and why and as we attempt to understand God’s timing.  Cause it doesn’t seem so fair right now.

Since I don’t have a permanent job (still doing my floral design business, but staying home with the kids) that means we have no salary coming in.  I did received parental benefits from the government for 35 weeks from the date the kids were placed in the home (up until December 25) but that doesn’t even come close to covering our monthly expenses, maybe our bills, but not morgage and food!

Be thinking of us and praying for us as we just figure all this out.

Jon is being very positive.
I am pretty upset.
Makai’o likes Curious George.
Amaris loves her giraffe.


One thought on “Struggling…

  1. Oh Andrea… I’m so sorry! So sorry… I don’t understand either… Semu and I will sure be praying — that God opens a door VERY soon for Jon… something above and beyond what you could ask or think — with more money than you could ask or think! 🙂 And so praying God sustains you though all of this… He will. You made me smile how you ended your blog entry — how Makai’o likes Curious George and Amaris giraffes… kids are amazing… as long as they have you they will feel secure and happy… God has provided for them a family! He will sure provide them a home, toys, clothes, food…. Keep us posted.

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