Monkey Makai’o

Well, Mr. Monkey Makai’o has had the stomach flu and a brutal fever that ended us in the ER last night for about 5 hours.  Little guy is recovering… But has had quite the morning nap – UNUSUAL!  Still sleeping, and went to take a nap on his own.  It’ll take him a couple days to get his groove back, and we can’t wait.

Amaris is doing well – her hair is growing so quickly.  That fourth tooth has popped through and is making quite the appearance.  She won’t lay down to get her bottle anymore, she wants to sit up cause she doesn’t like to miss anything.  Except for her bedtime bottle.  We are trying to teach her to pull herself up now that she is standing well – Jon is convinced she is going to be walking this month.  At least using her legs and arms to move her along… We think she will go straight to walking and skip crawling all together.

Jon and I are doing well.  Still waiting for a response from his previous employer about his severance and trying to figure out all those details.  I have a big wedding this weekend for my floral designs – can’t wait.  It is going to be GORGEOUS!  Everything is ivory!


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