Sleep – Doesn’t everyone love it?

We are feeling a little sleep deprived – Makai’o hasn’t been sleeping well at night.  And he hasn’t had a nap in 4 days now.  I just went and got him from his room and he had emptied all his clothing from his drawers, taken his diaper off, removed some of the blinds and was banging on the door.  He is a handful – is it a full moon or something?  Or is it just the rainy day that has given him cabin fever.  Now that he is downstairs, he is sitting quietly reading a book on the floor.  I’m going crazy!  I’m glad he is so darn cute.

Our caseworker came for a visit yesterday, she said that we were doing amazingly!  We were also given about 20 pictures of Makai’o from before he came home to us… Spreading out between Christmas 2008-Christmas 2009… It was great to see pics of my baby before he was my baby!  I am looking forward to receiving his life books from his foster mom since they didn’t come with him when he came home.  We are hoping we will receive those soon!

Amaris’ 6 tooth is quite the tooth!  She is grinding her teeth constantly… It’s quite annoying.  Her new favorite toy is the beads on wire maze.  It keeps her occupied and then she chews on the wooded edges when she feels like it!  She can play a lot longer than she used to be able to.

Cloth diapers – I love them.  I love everything about them – excpet for the fact that Makai’o has the stinkiest pee in the whole world and it just doesn’t quite get out of the diapers.  I have tried 2 different ways of washing them – but still slightly stinky!

Today is Jon and my 4th year anniversary.  Traditional anniversary gifts are hilarious – and your fourth anniversary you are supposed to give fruit or flowers.  Jon knows better than to buy a florist flowers… But we will see what he comes up with!  Unfortunately, he’s been in meetings all day and then is going to the eye doctor…. Gotta get new glasses and use up all the benefits before Jon’s severance runs out.


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