Difficult Deciphering!

Sometimes it is hard to tell what is a ‘toddler thing’ and what is an ‘adoption thing’.  Today Makai’o was testing us all day long.  There are so many toddler discipline rules and adoption rules and they almost never are the same way to deal with any situation.  AH!  Sleep issues.  Every child is unique and there are not formulas that apply to every child – how come?!  Blah!  Grammie used her Grammie magic to get Makai’o to sleep tonight – I sure hope she didn’t use up too much for other Grammie magic occasions.

My first night alone with the kids.  My first night, out of two in a row, that I am alone with the kids.  Jon is at a conference thingie and won’t be done til Saturday afternoon.  It starts at 9am and since I have to take Amaris to a doctor’s appointment at 10 on the East Mountain there was no way I was going to be getting up and ready with the kids that early – so he’s gone to stay at Megs & Alex’s for the night.

Tomorrow I am taking Amaris to an introductory appointment for a family doctor.  I am pleased that we have finally got her into a doctor in the area…. Hopefully it will go well and she will be a match for us.  I have read some negative reviews, so I am looking forward to meeting her.  She seems to always be accepting patients.  So she is either a crap doctor and people never stick around – or she is so incredibly overwhelmed with patients that it takes months to get appointments.  We’ll see!

Jon’s parents arrive on Saturday evening for 2 weeks here.  We are looking forward to our laid back stay-cation!


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