Holidays are Over – Back to Work!

I love my job.  I love flowers.  I keep forgetting how much I love it…. Check out my Dandie Andie Designs website as I have included lots of new pictures and updates!

Jon’s parents were visiting for 2 weeks and just went home on Friday.  Today is Monday and we are taking on a HUGE task.  Are you ready for it?  Sleep training.  At the beginning we did what Makai’o needed in his time of bonding – which was not leaving the room until he fell asleep.  I would lay on the floor beside his bed (and fall asleep myself most of the time) and wait.  We’d sneak out once he was asleep.  It was working well except for when he woke up again in the middle of the night.  We have read Dr. Richard Ferber’s book on Sleep Issues with kids and it seems as though we have just helped Makai’o develop bad sleep patterns.  OOPS!

We were fostering trust during his first tranisition months – so that was good, but this was not the right place to do it.  But now that I think about it, it was a decent mistake to make… Cause if we had started from the very beginning we would have had even more sleepless nights!  But tonight the training begins.  Leaving him on his own to fall asleep and then checking back in at timed intervals but only if he is still awake…. The terror begins!

Makai’o seems to do better when we are outside the home and doing stuff.  So we are creating more of a schedule of activities.  Thank God it’s the summer – cause this would be difficult in the dead of winter.  Today it wasn’t happening since with Hamilton’s humidex it feels like 43 degrees today.  We aren’t going for a walk when I am drenched in sweat by the time the stroller is set up and the door is locked.  Yesterday we had naked time in the backyard and Makai’o played with buckets of water for about 2.5 hours!  Today we are planning the same.

Jon has made a job of looking for a job, working daily from 9am-12pm.  I get to do the same from 1-4pm….  Jon gets to clean and cook and hang out and do whatever while the kids are sleeping.  NO FAIR!   Though I end up running errands and tidying sometimes during my 1-4 work time, I will be slowly switching over to this schedule.  Let’s see how it works out for us!

Here are some awesome pics of our last few weeks!



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