Sicky sick sick sick!

I mean – I know that kids get sick a lot.  But I am thinking that the amount that these kids have been sick in the last 3 months is more than normal.  I don’t know if it is the whole foster care system or genetics, but this can’t be normal.  If Jon and I had biological kids I know that they would have had some kind of issue, BUT in adoption you can’t help but ask why?

Makai’o had a stomach flu and fever and this boy was not a happy camper.  Since then he has been a little bit of a… well, um “hell raiser”.  It is like all the progress we have made and all the bad habits we have curved have come back full strength to bite us in the ass… All day long… All night long…  We are exhausted.

Amaris started with the same stomach bug yesterday had her evening of barfing (GROSS) and has kept in her breakfast so far.  So we are really hoping that she’s got it as a 24hr thing like Kai’o did.

The kids both had their first appointment with a naturopath.  Dr. Laura Grant of Naturopathic Perspectives.  She was wonderful.  We were so pleased with Amaris’ check up – including that we can slowly wean her off a bottle all together.  By her first birthday she will be on food completely – well with water of course.  But no more formula for this little one.  We are also putting in a guess that by that time her constipation will be gone at that time and that she may be sensitive to milk.  No dairy for this little one.  And Makai’o – there are some concerns there BUT he is also dairy free.  6 week trial and see if some symptoms improve – We sure hope so!

My big question for you all – when taking your kids camping for the very first time did you just go for it, or did you do a trial run first?  Like a tent in the backyard kind of thing?  We are going camping for 4 days on the Civic long weekend and can’t decide whether it is better or worse do to a backyard trial run… Hum…

Well my 30 minute escape has ended.  Time to go back to the hardest job in the world – Parenthood!


One thought on “Sicky sick sick sick!

  1. Sorry to hear your kids are sick. Not sure what makes one kid sicker than the next. Eden has only been sick really once and it was fever with a lot of sleeping – no throwing up. Harper seems to get something once a month – who knows? As for camping, we’ve found that it takes 36 hours for kids to adjust to the camping schedule and routine of being outside and sleeping in a tent. So we prefer to camp fewer times but longer lengths of time so that you can enjoy camping once the adjustment is done. Not sure if a night in the tent in the backyard is worth it. Only if you do it the night before you actually camp I think.

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