I’ve never been so excited about camping…. Taking the kids to Rockwood for the weekend will be the BEST!  We scraped together our month’s spending money to get a new tent and it’s going to be awesome.  We have a great ratio of 5 adults to every child so I think it’s going to be fun….. Taking lots of food, lots of diapers, lots of clothes and the rest will all fall into place!  HOPEFULLY!  The only thing we are worried about is rain… Raining for many days with young kids in the outdoors may be a little tough.  EEK!  But we are excited.  It’s supposed to be sunny and cool (23-26 degrees) and I think we are prepared!


One thought on “Camping!

  1. If you want to borrow our rain gear for kids, you are more than welcome! We have a rain suit for Eden and Harper, both are a little large for their ages (for them to grow into).

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