From Two to One…

Don’t worry – not the kids.  I’m talking about Amaris’ nap.  She seems tired mid-morning but she gets very flustered going to sleep.  She has naturally shortened her nap.  It’s going for about an hour or so.  She is also taking about an hour or so in the afternoon… I am going to try and combine the 2 and have her go down to one nap a day.  So we are going to do early lunch and earlier afternoon nap.  Which means Makai’o will have an earlier nap which is good for when he starts preschool in a few weeks and his naps are at noon after an 11:30 lunch.  Though I find it inconvenient, it makes more sense for him to have the same schedule for when he will be in school three times a week, and it makes more sense for them to have their naps at the same time as each other so I can get some work done!

Thoughts on how you transitioned nap times for your kiddies?


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