Really… Seriously… Surgery?!

Well Tuesday was a fantastic day.  It was beautiful.  Sunny and warm and we were spending it at my grandparent’s house in their pool and celebrating my Buppie’s 84th Birthday.  We were swimming and had lunch and had more swimming and then some more swimming and then some dinner and then we headed home.  Put the kids in bed at mom and dad’s and we were heading on a date to the movies.  We went to the drive in and the first movie was awesome.  Second movie began and jon told me that he was uncomfortable and was have abdominal pain that felt like his recent gall bladder attack.  Within 30 minutes he was in full fledged attack mode and we needed to get him to the hospital.  Since Jon forgot his wallet at mom and dad’s we had to go get his health card and Jon was puking his guts out at this point… My dad called an ambulance and off we were!  Morphine for Jon and waiting for me.  Tests galore to confirm it was gall stones… And 9 hours later we actually got to see the surgeon who confirmed that his gall bladder needed to be removed now and he’d have to wait in the hospital until he was able to get the surgery done.  He then added we’d been moved up in priority as Jon’s gall bladder happened to be severely enflamed and “oh ya, it’s infected too”.  Then hours after that a bed opened up in recovery allowing Jon to have his emergency  gall bladder removal.  Surgery was at 2pm and we were home by 6:15pm.

Jon has been quite the trooper as he went right back to finishing off his video work the next morning to try and hit his deadline (which has been extended to Monday instead of today).  When there are no jobs on the horizon – you got to live in a contract world.  Which is tough – but it is better than nothing.  This contract is Christmas.

He was finally able to shower tonight (YAY!) and we re-bandaged him up… And hopefully he’ll get a good night sleep before having another long day of work.  I have a wedding tomorrow and am picking up flowers first thing in the morning working all day long for the 4pm wedding.  I am doing it all in one day – It’s going to be awesome!

So that’s our last few days.  We are still staying at my parents since Jon will be unable to lift the kids for a few weeks.  With 2 young ones that need a lot of love and physical affection… And just having 2 kids is physical work, we are staying at mum and dad’s so they can help us out with the kiddies since I can’t quite do it all on my own.

Wow.  Quite the 3 months we’ve had.  Starting to plan Amaris’ first birthday party on the 29th.  Can’t wait!


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