Andrea Williams Reviews

Baby Jogger City Series Side-by-Side Stroller – 4.5/5
We caved and got ourselves a used side-by-side stroller.  WE LOVE IT.  The kids are comfy, it is safe, it folds so easily, fairly lightweight (for it’s size), has an awesome rain cover that works really well, individual adjustable sun covers, adjustable handlebar…. It’s great.  It does take up lots of room when folded.  And with our very small living area having the stroller around is like another piece of furniture… I don’t like how there is a cross bar along the back in front of the basket.  You can’t put very big things in there because of it – though the basket itself is large.  Well, anyways, here she be:

Peg Perego Uno Single Stroller- 5/5
LOVED IT – I miss it everyday.  We sold ours to get a single stroller with a jump seat with room for 2.  We wish we had kept his and bought a side-by-side stroller which would have saved us $150 for the side-by-side… And we still would have had the uno.  Works perfectly for an infant, baby, toddler – has everything you need and more.  Except for room for 2.  Stands up on it’s own and sneaks behind a door easily.  A big mistake right there letting that baby go!

Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP Car Seat – 4.5/5
Worked wonders for us.  Amaris was in it until she was about 9 months.  Felt heavy, but hey there is a kid in it, and they are heavy.  Easy to use, easy to put in – take out – carry… And baby was always comfy.

Britax Car Seat 4/5
We love it, and Makai’o loves that he has 2 cup holders – one which is for drink and one which is for snack… Though we have found it quite ‘plastic-y’ including a broken arm rest!  Otherwise so easy to use and fairly simple to put in and take out once you get then hang of it.

Sunshine Kids Car Seat 5/5
Love it to death.  Love that it grows with baby… Though it took up a HUGE amount of room when it was rear facing.  If you have a tiny car like us, it may not be the best option.  Though this starts from birth, make sure you have the space when it’s rear facing!

Baby Jogger City Elite Single Stroller with Jump Seat 4/5

This stroller is great because it easily converts from a one child stroller to a double.  We just found that once Makai’o hit 30 lbs, it was hard to steer if he sat in the front of the jump seat.  We then changed it to put Amaris at the front in the jump seat and Makai’o was in the back but because it is a jogging stroller it is on a slight angle and he couldn’t sit straight up and see out of the stroller.   BUT without the jump seat, the stroller moves like butter… SMOOTH… So we like it.  Once Kai is done with strollers, it will be great to have the single on hand for Mari… When we go out places (like the mall) we just take the single and the kids can swap in and out and it seems to work.

Peg Perego Prima Pappa High Chair 3/5
It’s annoying that the padding is a huge hassle to clean as it doesn’t really come off.  The straps stain easily and get tangled through the padding if you attempt to take it off… It also seems to not fit the same once you put it back on!  Impossible to clean food out of the cracks.  It has a huge base.  I love the removable tray… But even at a year old, Amaris still has 5 inches between her chest and the tray… Makes for a messy lap.  Wish I had bought my first choices.


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