Half Birthday Party?

Opinions anyone?  So Makai’o came home to his forever family the week of his 2nd birthday.  We didn’t really get to celebrate and have a big 2nd birthday party!  We had some dinner and a cupcake.  He had a balloon.  I really feel as though he deserve a second birthday party.  I know that some people think half birthdays are stupid… I always have.  But in this circumstance, do you think it would be weird to have his second birthday when he turns 2.5 in November?  Hum…  Is this emphasizing parties and presents and stuff too much?  Or is it a way to make him feel extra special (especially knowing that Amaris will have a big 2nd birthday party?)


3 thoughts on “Half Birthday Party?

  1. my opinion – when you’re 2, it really doesn’t matter whether you do it or not. They don’t really understand birthdays at that age and looking back, you have pictures and presents at his 2 year birthday party with family so he’ll never really know the difference.

  2. I say “yes!” I really think as his mommy, God gives you ideas like this… It might be just what he needs at the time in his life. 🙂 I think it’s a wonderful idea! 🙂 Wish I could come!

  3. When my parents moved us to a new community and we didn’t really know anyone, someone suggested for that first year we celebrate 1/2 bdays. It gave us something to do, and helped us get to know our new community. For us it was simply a family celebration. The one being celebrated received 1 small gift and chose a family outing. P.S. I chose roller skating!

    Recently we threw Haley a 1/2 bday party (postponed her normal friend party) so that she could have a summer pool party vs her usual right before Christmas party. Circumstances made it a great idea for that time!

    Hey – why not! Everyone loves a party! Doesn’t have to be about presents….why not make it about an experience…..invites could say “Your presence is present enough.”

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