Wow – My few times a week blog has slowed down a little.  I generally use it for entertaining others, venting, updating and just plain old passing on my wise words – or something like that.  I am not going to lie.  I am in the bathroom right now writing this post.  Yup.  Sitting on the toilet.  The joys of a laptop.  I am sure that those of you who are still even reading my blog are those who know me well and understand how well that suits me.  My husband took the kids for a walk so I would have a few minutes of peace and quiet and of course that is when my stomach acts up!

ANYWAYS – Amaris has a very big week going on.  She turns one on Thursday (September 2) but we are having 2 celebrations.  One we had yesterday with friends and then we are having Amaris’ family party this Saturday.  She was spoiled rotten.  We have some very generous friends.  I honestly wasn’t even thinking that much about presents – I almost forgot about that aspect.  We just wanted to invite the people that have been part of our lives and journeyed along with us in some way or another through the adoption process or as the kids have come home.  And just celebrate the fact that Amaris made it to one year old and nobody screwed her up too bad!  Teehee.  But let’s be honest, the presents were good too.  Amaris got a black and white striped cotton dress that I LOVE.  She’ll be able to wear it all fall, winter and then next fall and winter it will work great as a long top over leggings or something.  So friggin cute.  Thanks Ash!  My sister got her a ridiculously amazing purple and pink tutu to wear.  It was quite the outfit for a first birthday party.  It was just hard to get all the pieces of cupcake out of the layers of tulle.  She got some great toys and Makai’o got some things too!

Makai’o is all signed up for pre-school which starts next Tuesday.  Today he went for another introduction play time for 1.5 hours just to see how he’d act and behave and all that good stuff.  He starts with his normal schedule next week which will be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday… Except for the fact that Monday is a holiday so next week it will just be Tuesday & Thursday… The day goes from 830-430 but pick up time is flexible.  He even went pee on the toilet!  Who knew – that’s all he may have needed to give him a jump start on his potty training, 6 other kids sitting on the toilet doing the same thing.  It makes sense.

Makai’o still is having some tummy trouble (yes, diarrhea 2 or 3 times a day).  We’ve done 5 whole weeks of no dairy – but nothing.  There have been a few questions thrown around about gluten and celiac… We still haven’t got a doctor for the kids which is crazy difficult but we may have an in with a specialist without having a doctor first for a referral.

Jon finally got a job interview.  It went well.  There was over 200 applicants.  He was 1 of 10 to get a phone interview and 1 of 5 to get an in-person interview.  He will know within 2 weeks.  Though there are a lot of things about this job that are challenging (being in Uptown Toronto, up to 20% travel within Canada, some evening and weekend work) it is really a perfect job for him.  It was one of those jobs that ask you what your expected pay is instead of just telling you what they are offering which is frustrating…. Cause it would be annoying if he was offered the job and then they said he was only going to make 30k a year.  That would just be crap.  But it was a huge boost of confidence to receive an interview being 1 out of over 200.  That always feels good.

We signed Makai’o up for dance classes.  HA.  They are called “Get Up and Move” or something like that… a 30 minute class for 2 and 3 year olds once a week for 9 weeks – for $23.  Hopefully he will enjoy it!  We’ll see what he will want to take for the winter sessions.  We were originally hoping for swimming lessons but they only do with parent lessons until they are 3 years old and completely toilet trained.  So not quite yet!

Jon’s gall bladder is gone and the scars are almost all healed up.

I’m coming to the end of my wedding season.  I have 2 in September and 2 tentative in October… And nothing booked until next June!  Got to get some more of those Christmas events out there!

Well – the kids are screaming…. Time for mommy love!

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