Family Fun

The adoptive family is a strange one… A great one, a wonderful one, but sometimes strange.  Today we had a play date with Kai and Amaris’ older siblings.  It was so much fun.  The kids had fun, we had fun.  It was fun.  But there we were standing in a park with four children none whom we gave birth to, with another parent, who also didn’t give birth to any of these children.  Yet these were our children.   We still have this connection and bond because these four children share the same birth family.  We feel as though it is our responsibility to give these kids the opportunity to have relationship with one another.  They are siblings.  They are at least owed that.  Later in life they are able to choose what kind of relationship they want with their birth family, but right now it is our job to facilitate all of these activities and options.  It was incredible to continue the relationship our families have and take pictures and have fun at a park!

Take a look!

(Pics to come – they aren’t uploading right now!)


One thought on “Family Fun

  1. We just did the same a few weeks ago… only the birthmom has her other kids so was there too. It was really fun… amazing to watch them play together. So great you let your kids see their siblings… 🙂 Have you heard of the magazine Adoptive Families? Let me know… 🙂

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