It’s been a while…

Normally I try and do a couple posts a week and with Makai’o starting preschool last week I thought I’d have more time, but it just seems to be filled with a lot of other things.  He did really well.  He ended up going full days all three days which was great.  His schedule is Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.  Which has it’s downfalls as Fridays tend to be fun days in my mind.  I think cause Jon and I both have had jobs where we didn’t work on Friday it seems like a weekend day to us.

Amaris is practicing standing on her own.  It’s quite cute.  She’ll be leaning against something and then just let go and see how long she can balance for… Sometimes she will just do it that once but other times she will do it over and over again.  She is also starting to develop her own little personality.  She loves to make people laugh.  And she enjoys preforming.

Makai’o has also started being a bit of a TV junkie.  We try and keep the TV off as much as possible, but that is a downfall of only having one living space.  The TV is always there.  If he doesn’t want to play or is bored he just turns it on.  I mean he is crazy smart… He has even figured out how to play a DVD or VHS.  Which has it’s benefits… like when he quietly comes downstairs in the morning and puts the tv on until everyone else wakes up.  NO CHANCE IN HELL…. That’s a dream.  He just likes to come and put our glasses on our faces and then grab and arm and pull us right out of bed.  But he does feel all proud and independent when he can turn the TV on and keep himself busy.

Amaris has discovered buttons.  She has also discovered cause and effect.  Pressing a button makes a noise.  So I will press it 89 million times.  At least it is car noises and not babies crying or something like that.  I am so glad my daughter likes vehicles and not dolls.  I always try and put the little button phone in front of her and get rid of all the other noisy toys.  We just did a big pack away donation kind of thing.  Toys that were too young for the kids.  Pack away for future kids (whether ours or Megs) or donate things.  Luckily we have found a place that the toys can go to great use.

Church – we have done some shopping and have found our few stops interesting.  We checked out a church yesterday that is a brand new plant in Hamilton called Eucharist.  We really enjoyed it and we think we are going to try it out for a couple of months and see how it works with us.  It’s on Sunday afternoons – so that is a big adjustment and can mess other plans up a lot with other people and family.  But we will have to try it all out and see how it works.

Jon is still looking for work and I am still booking more 2010 and 2011 flower gigs.  I’ve recently done some updates on the website – check them out at


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