Big Week.

Well Amaris stood up on her own for the first time on Saturday.  She was balancing while crouched and stood straight up.  That is bigger than just leaning and then letting go (which she has been doing quite often).  She keeps practicing which is great.  She is learning to get her own balance and then lets go of things.  Unfortunately that lead to smashing her face and getting a nose bleed – but she continues to practice and it’s wonderful.  We are guessing she’ll be walking in about 6 weeks or so… That’s what I’m thinking at least.  Her hair is growing and it looks so cute.  Can’t wait until the hair bands arrive that we ordered with some of her birthday money.  Amaris also was standing yesterday and started walking with her high chair… Until now she would standing beside something and hold onto it, but not attempt to walk with a walker toy or anything like that. So cool.

Jon was increasingly not feeling well over the last 2 weeks.  On Wednesday night he hardly slept with nausea and stomach pain and on Thursday morning he was puking his guts out…. The same kind of pain as with the gall stones.  Not good.  We had to call an ambulance and off he was to the hospital.  After hours of blood tests and ultra sounds (and morphine) more barfing we finally got the answer that it looks as though there were some leftover gall stones that had not been removed with the gall bladder that are floating around in his abdomen.  It could be in his intestine, liver or bile duct.  Any of the three are serious.  They didn’t have the right kind of technology available to determine which of the three places the stone were, so he is seeing a specialist tomorrow to figure that out.  We don’t know if this is going to require another surgery or if they are going to laser the stones… We have no idea.  But Jon has now lost 30lbs and can hardly eat or drink without excruciating pain.  SO – tomorrow morning will bring more answers.

Makai’o is rocking out to sesame street right now…. The show is good.  I feel entertained by Ernie singing to me.  I like it, so he must.  We are learning about pairs… Things that are 2 of the same – a pair.  Matching socks.  So good!  Kai is doing well at school though he is comfortable enough to get in his normal behaviour (aka biting) so we will be working on that with his teachers.

I had 2 weddings on the weekend.  That was insane.  I tried it – I completed it… I think it is actually better if I have 2 weddings on one weekend if they aren’t on the same day, but then that effects the freshness of the flowers…. Hum… Things to think about.  Check out my website or my blog for this weekend’s wedding pictures.

Amaris is also teething.  There are three teeth that are about to pop…. all on the bottom – and I hope it happens soon… Cause she is waking up screaming it hurts so bad.  I don’t blame her – it must hurt!  But that just adds to the exhaustion of parenting a 1 year old, a 2 year old and taking care of a sick husband!


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