Jon in the Hospital

So Jon had his appointment with a digestive diseases specialist this morning at 9am (he made it through the night to get to the appointment) and he was immediately admitted to the hospital.  At that point he was also jaundice (which continued to get worse throughout the day.)  They said that he will be getting an endoscopy to check everything out and hopefully remove the extra stones or stones that are disrupting proper digestion and function of the liver, bile duct, stomach and intestines.  After another ultra sound it looks as though there may not be any stones inhibiting the bile duct or nearby organs which is actually more serious.  It could be an obstruction to the intestines, liver, bile duct or stomach that was caused by his original surgery on August 11.  NOT GOOD.  He didn’t get the endoscopy today – won’t happen during the night, so I will be back first thing in the morning to make sure someone is there with him for any procedure (and to make sure he is completely lucid before consenting since he is on morphine).  Yay for 4mg every 4 hours plus 1mg per hour in between… YAY!

Anyways.  Be praying.  Because if it is a bile duct issue that can be MONTHS of recovery and a lifetime of issues… Honestly after the last 4 months we have had… That is the last thing we need is any kind of chronic issues.  Really – 2 kids and a job loss is enough.  So we are actually hoping it is a stone or 2 that they can just suck right out of there with the endoscopy tube.  He’d be home tomorrow and recovered by the weekend in time for his birthday.  No one wants to celebrate their 25th in the hospital!

What can you do?
Bring food.  Either things for people to eat here at the house or things that can be given to me to eat at the hospital (things I don’t have a microwave for).  We have various people looking after the kids and switching on and off and making sure their schedule is as normal as possible.  At this time, we think that is the best thing for them.   But this may be a while Jon is in the hospital… Anyways.  Food.

Thanks everyone.


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