Busy Much?!

Okay – so we are a bit behind on the family posts…

So Jon is out of the hospital.  We finally figured out what happened.  Leftover gall stones that hadn’t been removed with the gall bladder.  They were lodged in the bile duct by the liver… That is what was backing up the whole system causing liver problems and bile back up, extreme pain and barfing.  ALL GONE.  Jon was able to come home and spend his birthday at his house instead of in the hospital.  We were so pleased that everything went well, though the 6 weeks prior were absolute hell.  4 hospital trips and 2 surgeries later, Jon is doing better.  In the grand scheme of things still difficult with 2 new kiddos and a 1/3 of ONE salary running the house…. Jon is back to looking for work.  Has some leads – maybe something will happen soon.  By the time November 15th comes around… We are in trouble : (

Makai’o has been doing incredibly well at school and increasingly difficult at home.  Surprise surprise.

Amaris is so close to walking.  She stands up on her own for a LONG time and practices lifting her feet and standing on her tip toes and she just needs to move forward a little bit… She has got 3 teeth in the last 7 days.  I’m going nuts with the night time screaming and daytime clingy/snotty nose/drooling.  I am ready for all those teeth to come and it to be over with.  I just really hope that she gets ALL of them now and then it is over with.

I’ve started clenching my jaw in my sleep.  It REALLY hurts.  I wake up every morning in pain… Frustrating.

The house continues to be a disaster – but not as bad as it was.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend…. Have to buy some stuffing.


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