Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, this weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving, celebrated tomorrow on Monday.  We’ve had a beautiful weekend… Sunny and fairly warm.  We had one thanksgiving get together yesterday at my grandparents (dads mom and husband) and the kids did incredibly well… We were fairly surprised how well they sat and ate.  They even got their own special little meal!  We have our big thanksgiving dinner on Monday with our family and then my grandparents (moms parents) and Alex’s parents who are visiting from England right now.  Celebratory weekend.

Jon has just taken the kids out for a LONG walk… Got the chance for me to call Nana Pat, who was Kai’s foster mum.  We spoke on the phone for over a half hour.  We haven’t talked since Kai’s placement the first week of May.  She has another baby in her home who is 10 months and is almost walking… So she and Amaris can have a race – when we get together next week.  We settled on a McDonalds that is between our 2 homes… Somewhere it is fairly okay for Makai’o to be crazy and also – the play place.  He loves it!

Prayer please… Jon had a job interview last Friday.  He felt as though it went really well.  He met with the first person, then they asked for him to meet someone else, and then they asked for him to meet another person.  So he interviewed with three people in one meeting.  That’s normally a good sign.  They looked at his show reel and really liked it, but wanted to see more so Jon sent them more samples of video work and he made another video emphasizing the skills they needed to see.  Jon got the interview before the job was even posted and the job description was written… So that is the downfall – we have no idea how much money it pays and benefits, etc.  Which is a huge factor.  But the company and job itself is so awesome… I think he is going to take it no matter what the pay is.  It’s downtown Toronto, so he will have to take the GoTrain in everyday.  It will be a 2 hour commute each way from our house to the train station, the train ride, and then from Union station to the office.  It’s only a 15 minute walk (according to google maps) from Union so he won’t have to pay another fee to take the subway.  Also – the office is in one of our favourite places downtown… Near John & Richmond… And even near my favourite restaurant Everest.  So it is good signs all around (except for the commute which will keep Jon from hardly seeing the kids during the week).  But we are hoping that he will hear from them this week…. After the holiday weekend 😀  Please be thinking and praying about all this – he doesn’t just need a job, but he needs and wants THIS job.

Amaris is so close to walking… She is SO CLOSE.  My dad says that he saw her take her first steps… And then said that she did it again the next day… Of course he was the only one that saw her.  We keep working on it.  So soon.  She’s almost there!

Well, I will add some pictures from this weekend once I finish taking them!  But I have to go and start preparring the kids’ lunch now.  They were both in bed late and up early, so we are hoping for a big lunch and GIANT nap before church at 3:30pm.

ALSO – Jon’s health is doing great… He had his post op appointment and everything is good.  He is feeling back to normal!



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