Jon got a 2nd interview for a job that he had a first interview for about 3 weeks ago.  It’s actually a week long contract so they can see how he can interact with the team and all that good stuff.  Nothing like a week long PAID interview.  Weird.  But so good since it is a job.  It’s been 5 whole months since Jon was let go so this is really good.  The job is in Toronto – in the entertainment district.  He’d be taking the 7:02am train and returning at 6:43pm.  That’s a long day.  If he gets the job/accepts the job we are going to have to start training the kids to eat dinner at 7pm when daddy gets home… It’s just hard knowing he will only get a half hour with the kids everyday.  Not ideal – but the job may be really cool and we can’t wait to hear more details.  So be praying and wishing him luck on Monday when he goes in at 9:30am!


One thought on “2nd

  1. praying he gets the job!!!
    my dad was a shift worker when I was growing up and my parents always made sure we got as much time with Dad as we could. Often including eating dinner (in HIGHSCHOOL!) at 4:30pm, so he could then go to sleep around 5:30pm, and wake at 9pm for his night shift… You do what you have to do to keep the family together 🙂

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