so tired.

I’m tired.  So tired.  This is what single parenting is like.

Jon worked 22 hours yesterday.  I didn’t think it was possible.  He started at 6am and worked until 4am the next day, this morning.  Seems crazy, but a deadline is a deadline.  It was moved from Dec 1 to Nov 29.  Plus they have a big idea.  This is a big client.  The biggest client Jon has ever had.  PLUS, it is the start of a relationship with a film company where he will have continued work for months and years to come…. IF THINGS GO WELL.  A lot rides on this contract, on the turnout of this video.

I don’t think it helps that Amaris stopped sleeping well.  She used to sleep 11-13 hours per night.  She would cry for about 30 seconds to 1 minute around 11pm every night – but that was it.  She slept.  Perfectly.  Wonderfully.  Happily.  She had a cold about a month ago and so her sleep was off and when the cold was gone – her sleep never went back to normal.  There was a few nights where the neighbours were really loud, but that has now stopped and yet she has still NOT been sleeping… during her nap… at night… it doesn’t matter when she just won’t sleep well anymore.  Just as I thought things were getting better, she has started with another cough and cold.


Makai’o has been misbehaving.  Something changed all of the sudden with him – he has started hitting.  Finally we got rid of the bitting and then starts hitting.  We think it is something he has seen or experienced at pre-school cause we don’t spank or anything… ANYWAYS.  That’s my update.

Oh wait – I’m finished my christmas shopping!  YAY!  Amaris and I finished today at Costco.  We celebrated with Costco lunch.  YUM!



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