I worry.  I try not to.  But this time it’s legit.  With Jon still out of work, each penny counts.  I only have 4 more weeks of Parental Leave.  That $263 a week has been REALLY helpful.   I sort of forgot about that money…. And now parental pay is soon to be done – I remembered that it existed.

We are thankful we still get the government’s child care benefits – which equals $334 a month.  But who is kidding who – a family of 4 can’t live off $334 a month.  Since Jon lost his job we put away all of my Dandie Andie Designs pay and all of my parental leave payments away into a separate account and pretended it didn’t exist  – in order to use it when we really needed it…. Which is now, now that severance is gone.

I don’t know why I felt like I needed to share all of that – other than keep us in your prayers.  The few short contract Jon has got have been super helpful (to pay for Christmas) I am feeling anxious for 2011 with nothing on the horizon and with my parental leave payments ending.  It looks like he may be able to get some more contracts… But no regular pay and no benefits is tough.  Just plain old tough.

By the way – did you know that ELMO is left handed?  Amaris friggin loves ELMO’s WORLD.  Normally I don’t have the TV on at all when Amaris is home and Kai is at school… but she has learned how to turn it on and off, so I don’t have control anymore.  She has sat silently staring at the show since it begun, when I started typing this post.  CRAZY.  My goal was no TV for her – but that went out the window REALLY quickly.


One thought on “Worries…

  1. We’ll be praying for you! I think you can contact Revenue Canada and get more child tax monies. you have to file a special form and all but because your income drastically dropped from last year, they will give you money and you could be eligible for the Ontario Child Benefit too.

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