This is not about Mari’s poop.  This is not about Kai’s poop.  This is not really about my poop…. If you don’t like talking about poop then don’t read this post.

How much time have I wasted pooping.  Honestly – when you think about the average time it takes you to poop, and how often you poop…. I think of all the other things I could have been doing instead of taking those poops. (Especially with the time I spent travelling and when I had Typhoid in 2006).

ON THE OTHER HAND – Sometimes I think, man, I am so glad I needed to poop cause I needed a break from my kids.  Or my captain extroverted husband Jon won’t stop talking and so I am glad I can escape for a little bit to the loo.  I love Jon dearly – but sometimes he just doesn’t quite understand the whole SILENCE IS GOLDEN thing…

Just my daily thoughts on poop.


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