Makai’o… Makai’o…

WELL – We FINALLY figured out what is going on with Makai’o and his “tummy troubles”… Captain Diarrhea himself actually has an impacted bowel.  It seems as though Mr. Makai’o came home to us with some constipation issues that had gone un-noticed… So his body was attempting to naturally liquify the mass which is why his diarrhea was so severe.  It was also why he is the thirstiest kid in the world cause he body need that to try and break up the mass…. But in this case it was going right through him out the other end.   So we don’t know what next steps will be until we go into the doctor tomorrow and hopefully it will be an easy fix opposed to the more severe cases needing surgery.  But at least we know what it is!

Luckily the on and off fever and vomiting actually helped us in this case as more symptoms pointing towards an impacted bowel.  Nothing like rock solid poop filling up your colon… YAY X-RAYS!

Please keep us in your prayers (and Dr. Brunner too) as we will be figuring things out tomorrow and over the next little bit trying to fix up Monkey Man Makai’o!


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