A family of 3?!

So this is what a family of 3 is like.  Today Amaris is having a day with her Grammie.  A whole entire day.  She will get her bedtime routine all done at Grammie’s house and then delivered home and put right into bed.  YAY!  This is actually the first time it has just been Jon and I and Makai’o.  Never have we just been a family of 3 for a day.  It’s strange.  We realize that it is Amaris who makes most of the mess and not Kai!  It’s crazy!  Currently the boys are tidying upstairs making all the beds and then we are going to go out and run some errands after nap – look for a couch (since all the Boxing Week Prices are already on) and then have a special treat out for dinner.

Makai’o is taking this week and next week off school.  We are trying to get all this digestive stuff sorted and we don’t know how he is going to react to all this colon cleansing stuff.  He may be having the crazy runs, he may start having normal poops, he may get all barfy again – we don’t know!  He has also had so many colds and such all fall long that we thought we’d give his immune system a break!!!  No school til the new year.  But we are mad cause his winter boots went missing!  So we will be going in to hopefully get his winter boots and give his teachers his Christmas presents (WINE)!


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