The Double-Ender Flu. Twice.

Well, no blog posts in the last week.  How come you say?  Andrea, don’t you have a lot to say around Christmas time?  Don’t you have a million stories to tell us?  WELL NO, I was to busy pukin’ and poopin’ myself silly… Along came THE Double-Ender Flu to Jon on the 23rd in the evening not feeling so hot and I joined in about 6 hours later.  We spent the whole night back and forth to the bathroom taking turns poopin and pukin’.  By 7:30am there was no way we were going to be able to look after the kids.  I called my parents and said we can’t look after ourselves or each other let alone 2 kiddos.  PLEASE come get them.  They did.  We didn’t want anybody else to get it.  There goes the smooth well planned out Christmas…  We ended up being able to join in the Christmas celebrations on Christmas morning.  Everyone had breakfast and we all opened stockings together and the day continued as planned…. minus some good food for Jon and I who stuck to crackers, toast and gingerale.  We enjoyed our Christmas day and night and then spent boxing day doing nothing much but playing with our new toys.  I started not feeling so well again around dinner time (and ate anyways).  We loaded all our loot and the kids into the car and away we went.  By midnight I was puking again.  It seemed like a completely different flu then the one I had 2 days earlier, or it was just nice enough to go away for those 2 days so I could spend the holiday with my family.  Either way – I had Christmas Day with my kids.  My first Christmas as a mom.  My first Christmas to watch my kids open their presents and have so much fun!

Makai’o got spoiled rotten with toys and Amaris with clothes.

Jon and I had been putting our little bit of money aside each “pay cheque” we got to be able to buy some some Christmas presents for each other and we were thinking the exact same thing.  We both bought each other a Magic Bullet.  We both have said it would be fun to have one…. But I win.  I bought Jon the DELUXE – so his will be returned for something else that I choose!  I also got a set of new sheets and a popcorn maker.  Microwave popcorn is never good enough… I like popcorn.  I like it a lot.

I am naturally a gift giver and I love to have the presents I have bought opened… I love thinking of a gift, wrapping it, giving it, watching it be opened and enjoyed.  I love giving gifts.  It was so fun to see the kids rip (Makai’o) the paper and pick (Amaris) the paper apart to reveal the pressies inside.  They already have their favourite toys – and I already have mine!

We decided to completely forget the boxing week sales… No buying things we don’t need.  Amaris is pretty much set for clothes until next fall – though Makai’o will need more things for the summer (unless he grows another foot – then he really will).  But going on their sizes and weight now with their age comparison… We are doing fairly well for clothing which is great, and my mom is always on the look out for a great Joe sale, while I check in at my favourite consignment shop, Little Bird, every few weeks…

Life returns to normal next week when Jon starts some contracts again and I get back to work booking more weddings.  I hope the holiday season has been filled with engagements ready to book some floral designers!


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