Long Overdue!

WELL – Normally I’ve liked posting about twice a week.  As you can see, other than my stats from the year end, it’s been a while.  We’ve had a busy few weeks… Including some “heavy” stuff that’s taken up most of our brain power… Which makes the rest of life exhausting.

Here’s the updates:


  • Got her 14th tooth today.  There are 2 on the bottom then her 2 year old molars still to come.  Only 6 more to go and we are good
  • She is now able to walk super quickly and comfortably get down the stairs on her own
  • Learning to fight back with her brother (hitting back, hiding toys, a 16-month version of tattle tailing which involves crying out mama or dada)
  • Responds with yes and no, and has over 10 words used on a regular basis
  • Sleeping better through the night, just waking a few times but not really crying in the night anymore, just waking up and talking to herself.  Usually sleeps from 8pm-8am
  • Rarely sleeps for more than 1 hour during nap, which is fine when she is sleeping 12 hours at night, but hard when I am attempting to get things done during the day.
  • Eating is improving – will actually eat meat now, and can feed herself with a spoon -certain things like applesauce and yogurt, etc.
  • All she wants is her dada.


  • Still is as friggin cute as ever.
  • Lost weight.  He is just over 30lbs.  Seems as though that impacted bowel was pretty heavy…. They aren’t worried because he is just around the 50% and he is still growing taller, so that’s good.  They are just keeping a close eye on him.  He will return to the dr soon for more follow up on his tummy troubles and asthma and more…
  • Behaviour is close to out-of-control.  We have not been able to have any play dates and haven’t been able to go to any of our play groups or mommy’s groups.  Which makes it tough for Amaris and for us as we get all of his aggression.  We are having to re-think his discipline and how we are going to handle his behaviour, cause it just seems to be getting worse.  All the things that we did to get rid of the biting in the fall just don’t seem to be working anymore.
  • Loves Bob the Builder oh-so-much.  Thank you Jesus I found those 3 DVDs for $10 to put in his stocking… Wowzah!
  • His language is improving so much.  He recently had another assessment at early words and his expressive language delay has gone down another level.  Started a severe and now down to moderate… We are so please that he knows around 100 words!  We thought they were going to start him on speech therapy now, but he doesn’t have a good enough attention span or focus to be able to apply himself in speech therapy.  They are hoping that at his next assessment he will be at the point where he can benefit from that.


  • Having an asthma flair up right now.  Had to get a new puffer… Has to pick it up in 25 minutes, lets see how much that’s going to cost.
  • Got a 3 month contract for 20 hours a week…. Though it is WAY less money than his regular freelancing work the way I understand it is the more permanency it is and the longer the contract the less you make hourly… But it pays for more than 50% of our life a month and it is only using 50% of his time.  He also has some ongoing short term (a day here, a day there) for MacNab Street Films that has been great for him and challenging and has really enjoyed the clients he has as well.  All of those jobs are work-at-home jobs which has its benefits and challenges.


  • January blues are hitting hard.  But I don’t think it helps that I’m not able to go out much with the kids since Makai’o isn’t others-friendly right now.
  • Had to get my first set of prescriptions filled since our benefits were done.  For 2/3 of the medicines I have to regularly take, it was $165.  The other one will bring it up to just over $200.  That’s too much Bob!  Just balls.
  • We have cleaned house A LOT but it is worse than when we started…. We completely re-arranged all the furniture in our bedroom to change the set up to create a desk space for Jon to work at, but there are still things in the room on the floor that need to find a new home.  We also finally purchased a couch for the living room and moved everything around, and because of that have lots of things that need to find a new home.  Stuff looks great, but there is a large pile on the dining room table that needs to go somewhere.  Let’s not even talk about the basement.  I am needing some massive help with cleaning and organizing… I’m way over my head with the crap we need to get rid of.
  • Exhaustion – It takes me a while to wind down at night and get to the relaxation point to actually fall asleep.  There’s nothing worse than being super tired and being wide awake in bed.  I’ve developed a bedtime routine that gets me to sleep really quickly… But somehow it is always around midnight when I am getting into bed.  With Makai’o waking up at 7-7:30 and Amaris following shortly after (probably because of Makai’o) I’m getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep, but I feel like I’m just not catching up… And still not getting enough accomplished in the day.  But I have to stop DOING at some point in the evening to start my relaxing bed time routine so this anxiety ridden girl can actually get to sleep.  A vicious circle.
  • Work is awesome.  I’ve had at least 4 consultations this month.  I had 11 events in 2010 and I am hoping to have 15 for 2011.  June is packed and I can’t wait.  I LOVE flowers and working with them and planning.  Sometimes I don’t care about the money and I just want to make things BEAUTIFUL!  Any extra moments that I have had I’ve been spending on work and not on writing my blogs.  This is consultation time of year – and then the actual work picks up late spring!


  • Adoption will be into the next stage of finalization soon.  We’ve had to cancel our meetings this week due to our caseworker’s daughter having a brutal stomach bug.
  • Church is friggin awesome.  We love Eucharist and are so glad that we found it.  Not only is it just a cool place to be that we like, BUT we are also learning things… Feeling things and learning things about Jesus – It’s been a while.
  • Moving house is a possibility.  Now that we have realized that Jon is a freelancer and will be working from home A LOT we need more space.  We need another room for playing compared to the living room and we need another office.  If our house had a finished basement we’d be set – but it is unfinishable.  This house has been wonderful but we are meeting with a real estate agent on Monday to have the house appraised and to start looking at our options.  Also, with the interest rates on mortgages we could be saving a lot of money by breaking our mortgage and getting a new one – so we might as well get a new house if we are going to do that!  😀
  • We both watched episodes of LOST here and there throughout the 6 seasons it was on, but we are watching through it from start to finish now that it is completed.  We much prefer watching a show that way instead of trying to follow something week by week.  We are almost done Season 1.  And WOW… I love it!  Getting a little creepy, but it’s good!
  • We cancelled our cable and upped our internet.  With Jon working from home it is a lot more uploading and downloading sending things to clients… But Jon worked out a deal that saves us about $25 a month with doubling our internet and cancelling our cable… Don’t know how he managed that but I like it!
  • Our new couch is so comfy and I love it.
  • We are hosting a LIVING ROOM (small group) from our church which will start in a couple weeks… We are super excited about it.  It’s going to be on Monday nights, we think and will have about 12 people in it.  It will include dinner every week.  YES!  Eating!  We may need to get some more plates and bowls now that I think of it!

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