Rage Against the Minivan

Found this blog – Don’t remember how.  But I’ve basically been crying for the last hour reading it…. www.rageagainsttheminivan.com Adoption – local and international, having bio children, parenting, family and more!

I posted this on facebook:

If you are curious about adoption, why we adopted, our thoughts on fostering or adoption, the status of that in our life.  Just ask.  It’s not going to offend us.  I’d rather answer your questions than having you assume.  Feel free.

I wonder what I will hear back!  – Feel free to ask yourself if there was anything in the “Our Adoption Story” page that we missed out on!


One thought on “Rage Against the Minivan

  1. andie, thanks for adding this blog “rage against the minivan”… Brad and I are getting as much info as we can and have found so many useful sites and fun blogs to tell their stories. I’ve loved learning about your journey as it unfolded into you being mamabear to Kai and Mari!

    my friend MC (Mary Catherine, but no one calls her that) lives in Westdale and has adopted two kiddos from Ethoiopia (on a missionary salary!), crazy that you live so near each other and have never met… hmmm I want to change that. Facebook me if you want me to connect you guys to each other.

    Praying for adoption to be our reality soon (we’ll probably begin the process after baby #2, which could be before 2011 is over!)

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