Food Allergies

Our Naturopath, Dr. Laura Grant from Naturopathic Perspectives, is wonderful.  She has helped us figure out a lot of things for the kiddo (and ME TOO!)  Today’s discovery:  Amaris may have an EGG allergy.  And the key to finding that out was BAD BREATH… Who knew?!  The littlest thing may be important when telling your doctor or alternative health care provider….

Food intolerances and Allergies are directly related to bad breath.  Check out more info here and here.

So the elimination diet begins, both eggs and all dairy are out of Amaris’ diet.  Four week trial, and then we will see how that goes, and then I guess we will go from there.

Her symptoms:

  • low immunities (frequent colds and flus)
  • poor sleeping
  • food cravings (for the things the foods she can’t tolerate)
  • rashes
  • bad breath
  • eczema and dry skin

One thought on “Food Allergies

  1. So glad you’re finding all this out. Poor little girl! Make sure you tell any health care worker about her egg allergies when she gets her immunizations. Learned that in class. 🙂 We sure have been praying for you guys! Love your updates!

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