The Family Grows

Families grow whether you like it or not.  Families grow and change whether you plan it or not.  Our adoption is unique – we don’t have any openness with birth parents, but full openness with siblings…. And on that note.  Makai’o, Amaris are about to become big brothers and sisters.  Their birth mother is expecting and is due any day now, we are unsure of her due date (as is CAS and our caseworker). We just found out that her due date is March 27th.  Amaris is 18 months.  The biggest space there is between any of the children is 20 months (between the next older sibling and Makai’o).

It’s big.  It’s really big.  We can’t wait to meet this child and welcome him or her into our funny little unique adoption family.  The child will be placed in foster care right from birth.  We don’t know where this child will be fostered. There are a lot of questions that we have and others have, and we don’t have much information.  We don’t know if and when this child would become a crown ward and available for adoption.  We don’t know if we would be in the place emotionally, physically, financially, or any other reasons to adopt another child.  Our kids’ younger sibling.  There is a lot going on, and we thought it was time to share this with the public.

We also found out that this child will be placed in the same foster home as the older siblings were in.  We have very mixed thoughts on this.  The thing I am finding incredibly difficult is we will not be able to meet the child.  We can’t until the child becomes a crown ward.  I don’t fully understand WHY this is… Something to do with the courts and placement won’t allow “access” as that just assume the child will be a crown ward and assuming is bad when it comes to family court.  Blah.  A little peeved.  I think so.

I wrote this last week and never posted it…. I am so glad I didn’t, cause I had more to say.  But there it is.  The family grows.


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