Amazing Sleep

We had another successful night of sleeping.  Both kids went to bed at around 7:30pm.  Both kids did not wake up ONCE during the evening, night, or early morning.  AN INCREDIBLE SLEEP SUCCESS!  I feel so refreshed in the morning knowing that my children are refreshed and that I actually slept through the night.  Encroyable.

Tuesday nights is when we have our LIVING ROOMS.  Which is what our church, Eucharist, calls their small groups.  Everyone comes over around 6:30 and we eat dinner together.  Then Jon and I take the kiddos upstairs around 7:10 or so and put them to bed while everyone else makes coffee and tea (and cleans up).  We usually start our discussion around 7:30 and go officially until about 9pm and then people usually start to leave around 10pm.  It’s a great night for us.  It seems as though it is a great night for the kiddos too.

Our house is pretty much open from after work time and so people usually start to trickle through the doors around 5pm.  Though Amaris can be overwhelmed with lots of people – and lots of people who want to hold her, hug her and tell her she is super cute, she loves all the attention.  And Makai’o, he just basks in the attention of some of his favorite people.  He loves his “Insey”, our friend Lindsay, and “Rawrrhh”, our friend Ron and the new addition of “Maa”,  our friend Matt.  So he gets lots of love and attention.  He does test boundaries with the gents, seeing if he can get away with things – but he seems to go to bed so happy since he has had lots of high energy play.

And so here we have it, another night, they both slept through the whole night.  Thank you to our Living Room peeps for loving and caring for our kids…. And for playing with them at the end of the day when I have no energy left.


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