Do you have friends who are having babies?

Okay  – there are NOT a whole lot of you that don’t have friends who are having babies… Babies are continually being made and born.  Read this article.  Take the few minutes and read it.  Your friends with new children coming into the home will appreciate it.

How to Be the Best Post Partum Visitor

*SIDE NOTE*  As an adoptive parent without birth children, when your kids come home and they aren’t a baby, all of this is exasperated even more.  Having a brand new toddler requires more meals, more adjustment time, more time for parents off work, more time where bonding is necessary, more everything… Adoption has a whole extra layer of STUFF.  So keep this going and be in tune with your friends and their adopted children too.  Come clean the bathroom one month, five months and one year after the kids are home… Still matters.  When you are adopting a toddler and an infant.  WHOA.  Double the time you need that support again.

Right now, I need more help with Makai’o and Amaris than I did last summer.  When Amaris was only 10 months she didn’t walk or crawl.  She was such a content baby she happily just sat and played and that was pretty much it.  She didn’t get into anything, she didn’t climb, she wasn’t trying to verbally communicate much, her taste buds hadn’t developed a whole lot (aka: she ate EVERYTHING) and she didn’t get in Kai’s way.

The next stage, when Amaris started crawling at 11 months, we had to up our gain and the daily tasks decreased as this little one needed eyes on her all the time.  When the next stage came, walking at 14 months, the first month was constant coddling when she fell down and hit her head.  (And when her brother thought that her walking meant they were equals and tried to play his “games” with her).  The things I was able to accomplish on my own decreased even more as more time was needed to have organized play more than “free play”.

NOW we have a busy 19 month old who is still content and happy, but she has a more developed personality which includes stubborness and determination.  Mix that with a busy 2, almost 3 year old and you’ve got some crazy on your hands.  It’s harder to do laundry and clean the bathroom now than it was last summer.  It’s harder to grocery shop and plan a menu when both your kiddies have toddler taste buds (food jags, it is impossible to figure out).  It’s harder to do the dishes and make a meal now than it was last summer.  It’s harder to go out and run errands now that is was last summer.  It’s a hard stage right now.

I took Amaris to a friend’s house for morning tea at 10am, we stayed until 4pm.  Not only did I just need to get out of the house and away from the house responsibilities, but it’s nice just to hang out at someone else’s house.  And we were sent home with a meal for that night and another one for the freezer whenever we need it.  That made my day and my week.  And the kids happened to love both meals.  Who knew!

*Thanks Shelley



One thought on “Do you have friends who are having babies?

  1. Welcome to the world of parenthood, and what ALL young (and not so young) parents go through. It’s nice when we can all help each other out. When you make a casserole, double up the recipe and pass one on to another family with kids. Hopefully they will do the same for you. When you’re home for the day with your kids, take in a couple more – after all the more the merrier and often your children will be kept amused by their visitors. Then drop your kids off at the other kid’s house for a few hours the next week.

    When I was younger and home with 4 small children I used to feel overwhelmed just like you. Once I figured out that people weren’t going to help me out until I was ready to reciprocate, my life became a whole lot easier, and more fun – and the kids loved it too.

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