Tattoos. Beautiful Tattoos.

Many of you who know Jon and I know that we love tattoos.  Those of you who don’t know us, or don’t know us well – here is something to learn about us.  We love tattoos.

Andrea #1
I was tattooed first, in December 2004 with a small, 2 inch shooting star across my left foot.  A tiny little something for your first tattoo.  Jon was with me and gave it to me as a Christmas present that first year we were together.

Jon #1
Then it was Jon’s turn.  A week before we got engaged, Jon got the Celtic Trinity knot tattooed at the top of his back across his spine with faith, hope and love written around it.

Andrea #2
After we were married, I sold my wedding dress and used the money to get a tattoo.  It is of 2 phaeleonopsis orchids on my right shoulder.  Then it was Jon’s turn.

Jon #2
In July 2007, we were away for a wedding in North Carolina and we found that we had more time than we expected.  We went to the local tattoo shop and Jon got a black outline of a star tattooed below his elbow on his right arm.

Andrea #3
So it became my turn next – and I wanted to up the game on my shooting star tattoo.  So I did some serious upgrades by Mark Hardy from Deeper than War.

Jon #3
Jon also got a little something from Mark (since we were there an all…) on his wrists it says, “dismantle, repair” on one wrist and “so help me God” on the other.  Officially it was to be my turn, but Jon’s right arm had just been waiting for him for a LONG time.  It needed something to join that star…. And so began Jon’s sleeve.

Jon #4
He had his first sitting in November (2010) and it was an extremely wonderful, successful 4 hour sitting.  Jon’s sleeve began with Lila from True Grit Tattoos. Plum blossoms across the top of his shoulder going onto his arm, leading into water with 2 koi fish swimming around one another.  Then came the second sitting which was on the weekend.  Finishing the colouring of the plum blossoms and the koi fish.  She also added more colouring and shading into the waves of the water.  Next will come the completion of the water and the addition of the sky aspect with birds and day sky leading into night sky with stars.  This will go down into a 3/4 sleeve length.

As you can see, we love tattoos.  Jon is already thinking of his next idea which is imagery of the narrative of the bible along his left leg.  Quite the project to take on.  My next idea is to add to my hopeful garden across my back with flowers representing both of my children.  I still haven’t decided what kind to get but I am working on it!!!  I’d like to incorporate magnolias in there – so beautiful!

Well, you learned something new about us.


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