The Sneetches

It is no secret that I love Dr. Seuss.  A lot.  I was always entertained by the silliness of the books with such creative illustrations.  I loved the colours, the made up names, the stories and everything about them.  I have quite a lot of the books, and I am so happy that I have passed on that love to Makai’o.  He loves Green Eggs and Ham.  He loves repetitive books with rhyming and such.  There was about 2 months where we read the book at least once a day.  I never said no, I love it too.

It was no question that this year’s birthday party would be Dr. Seuss themed.  As I am beginning to plan for the big event on Saturday, May 7th I am so excited, decorate, make snacks and activities… And there is a silly name or reason to go with each!

Plain old popcorn becomes, HOP ON POPcorn
Pin the tail on the donkey becomes, stick the star on the sneetch….
The Sneetches ate frankfurters and so we will eat hot dogs…
We will be making crazy hats!
There will be Oh the Places You’ll go balloons too!
And I heard a rumor that THING 1 and THING 2 will be  making a cupcake appearance as will a Green Eggs and Ham CAKE!

This is Kai’s first REAL birthday home with us.  Last year he came home 3 days before his birthday and so there was no party for him as there was a big enough transition for him lingering, the chaos of a 2nd birthday party would have slaughtered him.  So here it is, Makai’o and his Dr. Seuss themed birthday.  If you have anymore activity or snack suggestions, send them my way!  We are so excited to be celebrating Makai’o and his 3 years!

Ah the Sneetches – what  a funny name…


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