I don’t take miracles lightly.  I don’t.  I fully believe in them and the power of God and the power that God has to make things happen.  So I hate to say “MIRACLE” when it could just be coincidence or luckiness or something like that.  But then we can argue if coincidence or luckiness even is real, as God is the creator and knows all.  I’m not looking for a theological discussion… I just want to tell you some AMAZING things have happened.  Maybe we will just call them BLESSINGS.
We finished our taxes.  I submitted our taxes.  With my business (and on paper we lost money) and adopting the kids, then having dependants, me being on parental leave for most of the year, Jon being unemployed for most of the year we somehow did incredibly well with our tax return.  We were hoping (and somewhat depending on) getting around $2000.  We would have been incredibly pleased with that amount or more.  We plugged all our numbers in.  It showed up at about $4500.  We were bouncing off the walls with excitement.  I decided not to submit it yet, but wanted my dad to take a look and double check over everything.  He did and we moved some things around and submitted the kids stuff a little differently and HURRAH – Turned into $6200.  THAT’S A BIG DEAL.  HOLY MOLY.  We are so incredibly pleased about our first blessing/miracle/good thing in the last week.
We’ve been trying to SPRING CLEAN for about a month now.  During this time, our vacuum cleaner broke.  Our house does have central vac, but the house came with a hose but no other attachments.  For the amount that they cost, central vac isn’t that great…. We also don’t plan on staying in this house for long term.  We plan on moving in the Spring or Summer of 2013.  TWO YEARS FROM NOW.  Why spend $200+ on something that you can’t take with you.  So before I had finished our taxes (and knew about our amazing return), I started researching vacuums. And of course everything pointed to the amazingness of the Dyson hoovers.  I researched to see the other options.  And the comparable vacuums were twice the price.  So I looked for the best place to buy a Dyson, I did.  AND IT IS AMAZING.  After 3 weeks with no vacuuming, my carpets look incredible.  And the best thing is, it does ceramic and hardwood floors too – I’ll never have to sweep again!
It was Amaris’ one year anniversary on Saturday.  She’s been home for one full year.  I don’t even know how the time went so quickly.  I have been a mother, with an actual child in her home for ONE FULL YEAR.  That in itself is incredible.  Nobody died, we made it.  We all cried, but we made it.  We went out for a family favorite, sushi at Saporro in Hamilton, with Meghan and Alex and the kids lasted a whole 1.5 hours before Kai got rangy and had to get up and run around outside.  The rest of us finished our dessert while Jon and Alex took turns being with him outside for that last 15 minutes while we cleaned ourselves up and paid.  We had a successful trip to a restaurant, we all ate, we all had a good time, we all tried something new!  And we celebrated Amaris and her one year home.
In our spring cleaning, we found some old hard drives.  One had a back up of my old laptop (pre October 2009) and it still worked and had ALL of my music on it that I had lost when my old hard drive died.  It also had ALL of our pictures from the few years before that, including our trip to Costa Rica, our wedding, other important pictures and events and all that good stuff.  But the music.  Over 2000 songs that I didn’t have…. Amazing. So right now I am listening to my long lost songs.  I’m listening to Bedouin Soundclash, Damien Marley, Anna Nalick, Ingrid Michaelson, BEN HARPER, The Fray, Esthero and more!

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