Well, I realized that I shouldn’t be sharing much information about the kid’s newest sibling who we will be calling BOOM on this blog. Because we don’t know much about the status of BOOM’s stage in the fostering/adoption process and we have never met BOOM, it is unfair for us to be sharing BOOM’s information. And if we were fostering BOOM, we wouldn’t be allowed to share any of it, pictures, family history, etc. So the fact that some of that is already out there…. ooops!

Anyways, our caseworker has been assigned BOOM’s case and we are very pleased with that. She will be coming over on Monday to give us some things that came from Kai’s foster home. His life books, FINALLY, along with a few things that were from the kid’s birth mom. She will also be able to update us with what is going on with BOOM. Finally some information… Something is good. Anything. So we’ll have a tidbit more information into the life of the kids baby BOOM!


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