Just Haven’t Had the Time

Just haven’t the time lately. That’s my excuse. It’s wedding season. Gimme a break!
My few moments of calm are usually spent sleeping… That’s not even true, I don’t have any moments of calm. Maybe the first 30 seconds that Jon walks in the door after coming home from work. Then back to the crazy.

Netflix is wonderful. Much better than TV. No commercials, 1/4 of the price. Cookie Monster just “tossed his cookies”. Funny on so many levels.

My life consists of constant: cleaning, entertaining, feeding, designing, more cleaning, tidying, organizing, doing, tidying, and more cleaning. Yup. That’s that.

I am going to attempt to juggle 2 twitter accounts – 1 for this blog and our family and the other for work. Let’s see how it goes!


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