Baby Boom News

Well, we’ve had a week to process our news about the little Baby Boom.  Our lovely caseworker came over on Monday to inform us that Baby Boom is now a Crown Ward and is available for adoption.  WOW.  It made sense that is what was happening…. but to hear it and to be asked – if Boom will be part of our family.  WOWZAH.  Though we had been talking about this since we heard Birth Mom was pregnant in January, and then we knew Baby Boom was born on March 9.  So we have had even more time to consider Baby Boom being part of our family.  So after more discussion and prayer and figuring this all out – Baby Boom will not be joining the Williams Family in the permanent adoptive way.  She will be very much apart of our lives as we will be able to meet her very soon before she is adopted and hopefully placed in the next few weeks.  And it is sad that she will not be with her siblings, Amaris and Makai’o in a home together – but we feel as though that is the right decision.  We don’t think that it would be the best for all 5 of us.  And if it wasn’t the best for all 5 of us then it wasn’t the right decision.  One of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make, and one I am currently grieving.  So many good and bad about all of this…. So many


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