“Shmandrea” and the Lost Keys

Once upon a time, there was a lady named, uh, “SHMANDREA”.  This lady was very excited as she was going to pick up her new car which she and her family had purchased a few days earlier.  She and her husband loaded up their car with their kids, dropped one of them off at preschool and the other was coming with to pick up the new vehicle.  They were slightly rushed going out the door and they weren’t quite sure if they had everything they needed.

On the way to the dealership, their young daughter vomited in the car.  Luckily she had only had cheerios and some apple juice.  They did the best to clean her up while driving.  The morning was a bit hairy and frantic as it was not easy to get everyone out the door.  When they arrived at the dealership, they cleaned up their daughter, changed her into her older brother’s sweatshirt and cleaned out the car seat the best they could.  More extra work and craziness while trying to sign the final paper work and get all the information regarding their huge purchase.

They finished at the dealership and needed to move the car seats from the old car to the new car.  They did this with a lot of back and forth from one car to another figuring out what needed to go where as this family had never owned 2 cars before.     The figured that both car seats needed to move to the new car, along with the messy little post-vomit baby.  Shmandrea’s husband got in the old car and headed to work, approximately 2 hours later than his normal day.

Shmandrea and her young daughter were ready to go, they filled the brand new car up with gas and proceeded to get onto the highway to drive all the way back to the city where they lived.  It was a lovely drive, and the young girl was not sick again and slept most of the way home in the smooth ride of this new vehicle.

When Shmandrea and her daughter arrived home Shmandrea could not find her keys.  She only had the new car key in the ignition and couldn’t find her old key chain with all of the other keys she needed.  She proceeded to dump out her purse looking through every pocket….. There were no keys.  She called her husband to see if he had them or if they were in the old car – they weren’t.

Shmandrea has 2 friends that have keys to her home.  The first set of friends, Jinsey and Tadam live a few blocks away.  Tadam of them was to be at home.  Now the difficulty with these friends is that they only have one phone.  One phone in total.  One cell phone, no land line, just the one cell phone..  Which Jinsey had with her at work.  It therefore makes it very difficult to get hold of the other person with no way to get in contact with them.  Shmandrea proceeded to the apartment building where her friends live with the instructions of Jinsey.  She was able to buzz Shmandrea in using her cell phone.  She then went to the friends door and knocked.  Tadam didn’t answer.  She knocked again, and again, and again.  She heard music coming from the apartment, but no one came to the door.

Normally this wouldn’t be the end of the world, but Shmandrea’s daughter needed to change her pukey clothes and get the car seat all cleaned up.  This mom knew her daughter wasn’t feeling so great.  After many many minutes of waiting, Schmandrea realized she just could not get her key from Jinsey and Tadam. Schmandrea remembered that she could see if the other friend, Prittney had her key to the house.

Shmandrea called Prittney and she was waiting at a bus stop to take a bus only 5 or 6 minutes away from where she was.  So she quickly said, I will be right there – I need that key.  Prittney and Shmandrea have very different schedules so don’t get to spend as much time together as they would like.  So they enjoyed the few mintues together and Shmandrea said that she would prefer to drive Prittney wherever she had to go.  Plus, she loved driving her new car.  So Shmandrea had the key and off they went to run a few errands.

At this point, Shmandrea had spent over an hour trying to get an extra key to her house, which she had now obtained from Prittney.  As Prittney, was running into a store, Shmandrea was moving her purse around and talking to her daughter in the back seat.  She moved her purse, and there they were – her keys, sitting in a cup holder.  Now this cup holder was an extra third cup holder for the front seats that she wasn’t used to.  She had her keys with her all along, sitting beside her, in a cup holder that she couldn’t see without turning around.  Shmandrea didn’t remember putting them there, but must have done it while moving the baby and car seats around earlier in the morning.

After a busy hectic morning, everyone was feeling okay and laughing, so they all ran a few more errands and then Shmandrea and her daughter came home to their house, in their new car, with their keys.  And though it was quite the hassle, no harm done, they were home safe and sound for afternoon naps and some work time.

What a wonderful tale of Shmandrea and the Lost Keys.


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