Born into Pain

I have many things to say, and I have many things to share.  This month has not been the time to do it.  The blog will revive soon, after the next flux of my wedding season is complete.  Currently Amaris’ birthday is about to be upon us.  The celebrations began yesterday with a family party before my parents head out to Africa for a month, then home for a few days before heading out for another 2 weeks.  Amaris’ will have her friends birthday next Saturday and then her actual birthday is on September 2.  So lots of celebrating… Especially since it is all followed by my brother-in-law’s birthday, my mom’s birthday, my birthday, my brother’s birthday ending with Jon’s birthday on September 26th.  We also have 3 friends with birthdays in there.  September is filled with birthday celebrations…. (All those Christmas and New Years babies.)

Anyways, let’s talk adoption for a minute.  I recently read this beautiful post on Rage Against the Minivan, a blog I read continuously.  Check out the full post here.

Here’s an excerpt.

“What I want you to know is that adoption is not beautiful. Not beautiful in the traditional sense anyway. There’s no innocence or purity it in…  …But, ideally, our children would never know us. Parents would never go to jail for retail fraud, get addicted to drugs, or fail to make it through rehab. Police would never come to take children away from their parents. Babies would not be born with a drug addiction.  But, all these things do happen. And, that means that our children are no longer naive. It means that our family was conceived thanks to sadness and pain.  The process of adoption itself is not flawless, but I believe our family can become something beautiful in my own definition. We can struggle together and grow together. Because I believe that beauty can also happen after we’ve gone through the fire and come out stronger on the other side…”



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