The Time Has Come…

We were really hoping we weren’t going to have to get to this point… But it’s time.  I need another job.  I love owning and running Dandie Andie Designs.  I love being my own boss and I love floral design.  But the problem with contract work, and starting up your own business is the inconsistency of the money coming in.  Last year we just broke even in our first year of business.  Which was great.  There were LOTS of investments, especially into making a “studio” and all the supplies that were necessary for making the year successful.  It was wonderful because I enjoyed every minute of it.  My business paid for things that we would normally be paying for that now became business expenses…. So we were making money in a strange and backwards kind of way…. Since it is an at home business lots of things were able to be written off.  So on paper, we just about broke even…  This year we had WAY more expenses than expected, the biggest being the van.  We made enough this year to buy it – and that’s pretty much it.  Profits for this year go into the van which was highly necessary for the growing business.

Now here we are, coming to the close of wedding season.  We have 5 events left in September – November (and still booking) but the Williams Family has hit a wall.  Or maybe a well.  We’ve hit a well, that’s running a little dry.  I am not closing my business, I am not stopping my business, I am not giving up on my business but I am going to be looking for further work.

Ideally this would be in the floral industry.  It’s just finding a shop or business that allows for freelancers or a shop that will hire a floral designer who has her own business.  It’s sorta a rare chance it would work and hopefully I will find something that does work.  If not in the floral business, then I will look elsewhere and pull out one of my strange mixes of skill sets.  Administration?   Coffee Bar?

What happens to the kids?  Well, Makai’o goes to preschool 4 days a week.  Amaris would have to go into some kind of childcare in the days that I would be working OR I would start working some evenings and weekends… Who knows!  It would have to be the right fit for it all to work out.  And I’d have to be making enough to pay for Amaris’ day care.  I am just throwing this all out there to the world – if you know of an opportunity that might work for me, LET ME KNOW.

Be thinking and praying for us as we try and find the right fit for me.


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