Reconstructing my CV

So…. I hate my CV.  I hate upgrading it.  I hate having to have 3 different ones for different types of jobs.  I want a job to fall into my lap, a good paying job that doesn’t kill me physically or emotionally, that allows me to continue my floral business and is day, part to 3/4 time.  Working full time, and having my own business and being a mom.  It’s really just ridiculous for anyone, but especially me.  Of course every part time job I find that I have the skills for is evenings and weekends.  And we decided that me parenting all day and then going to work in the evenings and weekends is just asking to be burnt out.  Yes, it would save a lot of money on child care, but overall – NOT WORTH IT.  And Jon and I agree that Dandie Andie Designs shouldn’t have to suffer since I enjoy it so much, and the business is growing!

So keep your ears and eyes peeled.  Anything in the floral world, anything administrative, anything service that isn’t quite full time – days only.  I’d prefer not to go down the retail route… But I’d do it!

Hopefully I will find something as I give my CV a facelift!



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