Celebrating Amaris

Amaris turns 2 on Friday.  September 2 she turns two years old.  How did that happen.  We celebrated this weekend with some friends at our favourite Hamilton park, Pier 4 Park.  It has a splash park, it is has an awesome climber, it’s beside the marina, it has a big field to run around in, it has a mini-beach and of course, it has an ACTUAL TUG BOAT to play in.  It’s a family favourite.  We had her party there.  A tea party.  We had iced tea and a candy buffet.  Since Amaris is basically allergic to everything, we wanted to have treats that she loves, can eat and that everyone else would enjoy too.  So candy was the perfect answer.  Amaris had a few of her kid friends, and more of her adult friends to celebrate her.  We ate, listened to music, played and opened her pressies.  It was a wonderful celebration.  We didn’t celebrate this weekend coming up since it is the long weekend, Labour Day, and most people are away, travelling, doing family things, etc.  So we decided to celebrate one weekend early.  It seemed to work well since there were almost 30 people at her party to celebrate her!  I still can’t believe, as of Friday, I will have a 2 year old and a 3 year old.

We will have the pictures of the celebration soon – Jon and I both forgot our cameras and we didn’t have enough time to take pictures with our phones outside of our party hosting.  We have seemed to have been taking WAY less pictures since the spring… Basically stopped.  I don’t want to have missing months of my kid’s lives!  I need to take pictures.  More pictures!

But there was one person, our lovely friend Kim, who was taking shots of the big day.  So we will post pictures eventually!

Once wedding season has come to an end, more posts will be coming!



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