I don’t know why I felt as though I needed to write the title of this post in Spanish… But it makes it seem a little bit more important – or something like that.  Es completado = It is finalized.

Yep.  IT.  The adoption.  Signed and completed.  DONE.  FINISHED.  COMPLETADO.

The papers went to court a few weeks ago and were signed off by a judge on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 2.  That just happened to be Amaris’ birthday.  So, it will be a day we will always remember…  And it’s another thing we can celebrate.  Our caseworker comes over tomorrow to give me all the signed documents and to close the kids’ files.  And then she will show us/help us apply for the birth certificates and then we can apply for passports and then we can go travel the world – WITH OUR KIDS!  YAY!

Well, you know, we won’t be travelling the world anytime soon.  We are planning a summer trip to England for Jon’s sister’s wedding.  We all hope to be there Claire!  If we can pull the money together, we are there!  Just a flight to England a few weeks before the London olympics is costly and we don’t have 2 pennies to rub together right now.  Anyways.  This is a whole other post ready to happen.

The kids are legally ours.



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