Decision Made. Job Started.

I got a job.  Actually I got 2 jobs.  I only accepted one of them.  I took the job at Fortino’s House of Flowers at a Fortino’s just on the Hamilton Mountain by Limeridge Mall.  Not ideal, but it’s work!  I am a part-time Floral Designer.  I had orientation today, I start training on Thursday and then will get my regular schedule from there starting next week.

The new life of balancing everything we already were plus the bonus of working in child care for Amaris plus my second work schedule is a little daunting but we don’t have any other option but to take it on.  To work our jobs and live our lives and enjoy as much of it as we can!

It is pretty amazing that I applied for this job last Thursday, had an interview on Saturday.  Got a call back on Sunday and was offered the job on Monday.  Started orientation on Tuesday.  All this happened very quickly.  At least I feel good that they liked me enough to get me started right away, basically immediately.

This job allows me to continue to run Dandie Andie Designs.  It allows me to continue doing my own thing while making some consistent income on the side.  This will even out our year financially and will allow us to go to England to visit Jon’s family in the summer and be there for his sister’s wedding.

Our Living Rooms (small group) starts tonight – at our house – and we are pleased it will be once again filled with people these  Tuesday nights!  YAY friends!  Lots to celebrate tonight as I’ve got a new job and the kids adoption has been finalized.   Luckily I mentioned in my interview that I’d never be able to work on Tuesdays past 6pm nor on Sundays past 3pm.  It’s pretty glorious that I was still hired with those 2 time frames completely unavailable on my schedule.  We are still really hoping for a fairly consistent schedule.  My dream schedule would be:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9-5.  It would be perfect.  Only 2 days that Amaris would have to be in child care.  (The kids are with my mom on Wednesdays).  No days that I would miss eating dinner with my kids.  No days that I would miss putting my children to bed.  No days where I’d miss any events or activities.  That would be amazing.  I could throw in an alternating Sunday finishing before 3 pm every once in a while… But hey… we are talking ideals here.  I just want a consistent schedule.  It would make for an easy planning life for doctors appointments, meetings, taking care of the home – all kinds of good stuff.  But I don’t need to tell you that.  I do need to go now and finish prepping the house for living rooms.

I’m a working girl now!  Well, I’m a stay at home mom who works 2 jobs….




One thought on “Decision Made. Job Started.

  1. Congrats on the new job – I saw that posting and thought of you 🙂
    I hope that you’re able to have a consistent schedule, it definitely helps the 2-working parents trying to live life juggling routine! I hope your transition into the “working” world (’cause, like, last week, you didn’t “work”…) goes well!

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