Wine, not Juice. Pt 2


Check out this week’s teaching from our church, Eucharist Church.  It will explain a lot of what I’m talking about here.

Sunday I wrote a post that said this:  “I’ve always been asking God for a glass of juice when all along, he’s been passing me a glass of wine.”

When comparing juice to wine, one may say that grape juice is sugary, sweet, goes down smooth, simple, etc.  But if you were to ask someone who has just had a taste of wine they may say that it is sharp, bold, strong, has depth, they may not like it at the beginning.  With grape juice – what you see is what you get.  To wine, there is so much more.

When thinking of juice and wine in regards to our relationship with God we are often praying and asking for a simple and sweet glass of grape juice.  But what God really calls us to and what a relationship with him is really like is that glass of wine that offers so much more – doesn’t necessarily go down as smooth, it’s sharp, not always easy, but has the depth.

With hearing this teaching on Sunday I realized that for so many months I have been hoping, wishing, praying, wanting for a happy glass of grape juice.  But what I have been offered, what is right in front of me, what I need is this wine that God is giving me.


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