40 Days of Water Challenge

40 Days of Water.  Could you do it?  Only drink water for 40 days.
No juice, no pop, no coffee, no tea, no beer, no wine, nothing to drink other than water.

Blood Water Mission has a campaign to raise money for clean water in the third world.  Build wells.  Provide clean water.  These are things I think are HUMAN RIGHTS – clean water.  Water is available, we need to contribute to make it happen.  They have typically done this campaign during the 4o days of lent, hence, the 40 days.  I have been thinking about this challenge as I had some friends who did it a few years ago and I’d like to give it a go.

As a mom of 2 young children, I have a caffeinated beverage of choice – Diet Coke.  I know Coke products aren’t good, I know that pop isn’t good for me, I know that.  But it tastes so good.  And in the long run isn’t it better for me to be jonesing for a Diet Coke instead of a mixed drink (vodka is usually my choice) or a glass of wine?  I’d be giving this up.  I’d also be giving up my juice.  I usually drink one large-ish glass of juice in the morning with my breakfast.  It’s good.  I am not a coffee or tea drinker, really.  I’ll have a cup of tea if I am really cold, but I’ve never really been a hot drinks person.  *Except for when I lived in England where my school was so damp and frigid, you couldn’t help but have a cup of tea every hour.  I don’t drink any kind of milk, I use either soy or almond milk on my cereal – if I even eat cereal…. I am already a HUGE water drinker.  I try and drink about 2L per day.  Sometimes it’s a huge miss, sometimes I drink more.  Depends on the day.

Here’s my challenge for you.  WOULD YOU JOIN ME IN ONLY DRINKING WATER FOR 40 DAYS?  I know that I can’t do this alone.  My husband is still unsure if he wants to, or if he can, but I’ve asked him.  I’ve also asked my living room if they would participate with me.  I have one friend, Adam, who is praying about it and considering it – but everyone else… Not so much.  So I am asking you!  I need the accountability.  I need someone to do it with me.  Here are my proposed dates:

October 22 – November 30.
Will you drink only water with me for 40 days?

My guestimate/calculations for the money I will be able to save and donate:
MORNING GLASS OF JUICE – 40 days x $0.75 = $30
DIET COKE – 30 days x $0.30 = $9
WINE/BEER at home – 15 days x $2 = $30
WINE/BEER out – 5 drinks x $6 = $30
OTHER – 40 days x $1 = $40

That’s just how much I think I may spend.  I have no idea if that’s the actual amount!  That’s a total of $139.  For those of you who drink beverages from coffee shops at $2-6 each – every day, that will add up.  For those of you who drink beer or wine with every dinner, that will add up.  For those of you who go out to the pub with friends and have a pint or two every weekend, or even multiple times a week, that will really add up.  Because I don’t do a lot of those things above, my financial contribution won’t be that huge, but the will power this will take – the reminder it will be every time I’m offered something to drink, it will make a huge impact.

Read the Blood Water Mission background info here.



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